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Upgrade your
Rent-to-Own software

Upgrade your software

Rent the latest upgrade of your favorite music software, some of which are even available at a discounted rate. When you upgrade, your rental timeline is extended until you've paid off your upgrade. Enjoy the same flexibility you’re used to with Splice—no interest or hidden fees; pause and restart your plan any time.

Why upgrade?

Get the latest version

Upgrade your setup. Get immediate access to the latest version of your favorite plugins without your wallet taking a hit.

If your existing Rent-to-Own plan is active or you’ve paid off your lease, you’ll have full access to your older versions and all projects created with them.

Keep your work

Get full ownership

If you’re already on a Rent-to-Own plan and decide to upgrade, you’re working towards full ownership of the older and upgraded software.

When you upgrade, make payments toward a discounted upgrade price instead of paying the full retail price of the new version.

Pay a discounted price

How does it work?

When a new, paid upgrade of your Rent-to-Own software is released, you can upgrade at the same low monthly rate—or even a discounted rate for some products. Simply extend the timeline of your rental period until you’ve paid the upgrade price, then keep each owned version forever.


If you’ve started a trial, made at least one payment, or paid off your original Rent-to-Own plan, you’re eligible for an upgrade.

Am I eligible for an upgrade?

If you pause your upgrade, you’ll lose access to older and newer versions of the plugin. You can resume your plan at any time to regain access to each version. You’ll receive the full license and the serial number of the older version after paying off the older plan.

What happens if I pause my upgrade plan?

No, once a manufacturer releases an upgrade to a plugin, the older one will no longer be available to rent as a new subscriber. But if you’re already paying for it, you’ll have full access to both versions.

I’m a new subscriber. Will the older version of a plugin be available to rent when a new upgrade is released?

The monthly installment price of an upgrade plan will either be the same as or sometimes cheaper than your initial plan. When you upgrade, the length of your rental agreement is simply extended, and you’ll pay the new fee until the upgrade is paid off. Pause or cancel any time. If you choose not to upgrade, nothing changes.

I already rent an older software version, will the price change?

Yes. You can pause the older version of your software anytime and Rent-to-Own the new, paid upgrade as a standalone version.

Can I purchase the new version without upgrading the older version of my software?

You’ll receive a serial number and own the license forever.

What happens when I finish paying off my Rent-to-Own plan of the original plugin?

Contact customer service at and they’ll gladly get back to you as soon as possible.

Have more questions?

Rent-to-Own allows you to pay a low monthly fee for access to plugins or software until you’ve paid off the retail price with no interest or hidden fees. Then receive the serial number and own it forever. Pause and resume your plan any time. See what software you can Rent-to-Own on Splice.

What is Rent-to-Own?